5 days and counting…

We are down to five days left and I haven’t the slightest idea what has possessed me to do this. A week ago I left my job, which I loved, and three days ago I moved out of the best living arrangement I’ve had in four years just to plop myself into my parents’ house in the middle of the holidays. I don’t know about anyone else, but the holidays with the family already bring enough chaos and stress without being a jobless, 27-year-old that is about to romp around planet with no particular end date. Go ahead and try to explain THAT to your grandparents…

I am sure this is not the first time my family has thought I was losing my mind. It is also not the first time I quit a job I thought I was going to stay at forever. Come to think of it, it’s also not the first time I had planned out an elaborate adventure to see the world. The difference here this time is I actually have a ticket. So there! You know, because a girl isn’t getting any younger. I can only tolerate so many more sideways glances as yet another cousin becomes engaged, or another friend tells me she is pregnant. But you know what: Macchu Picchu isn’t going to hike itself. Besides, I paid good money for this passport, and I can’t let it go to such waste by not filling it. It would be such a shame.


Now, back in my high school bedroom-turned craft room-turned guest room (thanks mom), trying to make sense of what belongings I didn’t yet purge from my possession, and I feel on the verge of full-on melt down. First on the adventure log will be Belize, and being that we just celebrated our first ever “White Christmas” up here in northern California, I am having trouble wrapping my head around packing for 80 degrees and humid. What it SHOULD mean is lots of cotton, sunscreen and everything I may still own without sleeves, but what it spells out to me is “Oh no, do I have enough shoes in my bag for every possible situation I may run into?!” Typical. Knowing this is a working exchange adventure and not a vacation, I have to make sure I have the necessary work attire for the farm we have agreed to join. That’s right, we are headed to the farm. Yeehaw!

Coming back to focus on packing: … I’ll work on it in the morning.

Good Night and Merry Christmas!


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