3 Days to go

Today is when the fact that I am moving onto the next stage of my adventure has really started to settle in for me, I’ve just finished unpacking everything I have had over the past 7 months while travelling, only to realise that having all this stuff while travelling into a place with heats ranging from 25 to 40 degrees celsius (which for anyone using farenheit that’s between 80 and 110 approximately) is absolutely crazy, so here I am trying to pack stuff into 2 seperate bags, one to use for stuff when I head back up to the cold, barren northern lands (which some people insist on calling Canada) and another to currently travel into more exotic places such as Ecuador, Peru and Brazil to name a few.

I’ve also recently decided to try learn a little of the language used in the countries we are visiting might be useful. While I’m practicing everyday, I know how to say maybe 15 words in Spanish (and only if I’m given a minute or two think of what words I need), which may not be so good but it would be hard to get worse. I’ll continue attempting to learn and maybe one day in the next 5 months I’ll be able to understand the jokes people are telling about me and my ‘Gringo’ accent.

However, underneath all these little worries for me at least there is a real sense of excitement at what I’m going to be doing and learning. Not only will I be learning about new countries and cultures but I’ll be learning more about myself then I probably ever have in nearly 27 years and will also be learning about my travel companion, best friend and all round superstar that I get to spend everyday with.

Excited barely even seems to cover it at this stage, I mean I’ve never worked on a farm or in a hostel before but I know for a fact these are things I would love to try and exploring jungles and climbing mountains and finding ruins could only make me happier, and who knows what else I might find down there, but I know I’ll be armed with my camera and a sense of wonder and a thirst to capture all the wonderful stories of the region. Inside of this I hope to grow just like the seedling and bloom into whatever it is I should be, hopefully it’s how I know some people already see me and something I’ve always wished I could be.


In hopes that your eyeballs are happy with this,



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