Digging our toes in the sand

Today I am writing this from somewhere I don’t think I ever really planned on being and I’m going to give you a little insight on my first few days here and I think you’ll start to understand why.

So on Wednesday we flew out of San Francisco heading towards Cancun knowing that a full night of travel and very little sleep was going to greet us, and it all started so well. Getting into Denver and transferring to another plane heading to Cancun was a breeze, we then also had possibly the greatest flight attendant ever who just kept cracking jokes and bursting into song over the intercom and arriving in Cancun at 6am was nice as well as it let us relax before our bus ride.

After riding on a delightfully plush bus and getting to Playa Del Carmen, we went to the Hostel where Sarah-Rose had booked for us to stay for the night only to learn that the booking had been cancelled (cue mental breakdown). However, I managed to keep my wits and we were able to leave our bags behind the desk as we ran around town trying to find a place to stay on New Year’s Eve in one of the biggest party cities in the country (needless to say it was a bit of a nightmare and I had a partner with me about to break into hysterics). Eventually though, we managed to find a hotel with space for the night, Even though it was about 7x more expensive than what the hostel would of been, it was a bed and a roof and that was all we could hope to find knowing how packed the place all ready was for the party that was to come.


Now you would think being in such a party city on New Year’s Eve would be fun and extravagant and stuff you can tell your friends about for years to come right? I rang in the new year drifting in and out of conciousness while watching a premier league highlight show in Spanish with Sarah-Rose dead to the world due to exhaustion. If you have ever seen Sarah-Rose in the morning before coffee, imagine my delight after two whole days without sleep AND no coffee. The full days travel and then the heat and dehydration and drama of the day really just kicked my arse and I had no chance to fight it, I’m not even ashamed to say that as soon as it crossed into 2016 I turned off the t.v rolled over to watch a few fireworks out of the window and then proceeded to fall asleep for just over 9 hours.

Refreshed and ready to take on the day and aware that I would be on an overnight bus to Belize city, we checked out as late as possible and headed to the main square where there is some good free entertainment put on by the locals. I endeavoured to convice Sarah-Rose to go by the tickets for our bus trip as you can only buy them at the station instead of online which is a little frustrating. She however had been woken up throughout the night due to a lot of partying outside our hotel and just wanted to sleep on my lap, so me not speaking Spanish made it impossible for me to try and buy the tickets. I read while she dozed for a few hours, eventually convincing her to go to the station. She came back with a scowl on her face and looking ready to either kill or cry (quite disturbing that I can’t tell which) to tell me that tonight’s bus was full and we would have to spend another day in Playa at the beach and soaking up some sun before moving on(Oh I’m sure you can imagine the tragedy). However this time we knew what was up and how to deal with this unfortunate turn of events, so I sent her back to go buy tickets for tomorrows bus and then we went and found a hostel which is where I find myself writing this to you from on a camp bed in a room currently under renovation where in the USA or Canada or NZ I don’t think they would allow anyone to stay but again it suits our purposes of somewhere to sleep and a roof. Yes I realise my criteria for places to stay and sleep isn’t high but that’s probably a good thing.


So apart from a few small hiccups and things costing a great deal more than we initially expected, we are heading to Belize one day later than expected but really enjoying getting to spend so much time with each other and in a new place exploring different sights sounds and cultures.

IMG_1742 IMG_1757

Some of my highlights have been watching a traditional Mayan dance, reading about the gods and signs of the zodiac from the pre-hispanic eras of the Mayan people, and finding a great little place to eat which cost us about $4US each!! And of course digging my toes into some of the softest sand I’ve ever experienced.


Here’s hoping your eyes have helped you gain some insight into my current life and predicament



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