Sarah-Rose’s List of Firsts- Belize edition

While I could write for days about the encounters we have been having, we are still out living them! So for now, I will leave you with a few fun things I have been exposed to, and some not-so-cool, to give you a little taste of my visit to Belize.

So far, I have had my very first time:

-trudging barefoot through Belizean farmland
-seeing a real life toucan!
-meeting someone who still believes the Earth is flat
-riding in the bed of a truck on the road
-varnishing a wood floor
-being bit by a fire ant
-being bit by a tick
-being bit by a black fly (I’m having a ton of luck with the bugs)
-finding out that okra grows beautiful flowers
-drinking true Caribbean rum
-picking, chopping, and drinking fresh coconut water
-using an outhouse in a non-camping setting
-waking up surrounded by the gorgeous Belizean countryside!

Until next time folks!



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