Touring issues and cute pups

Well the first few days in Belize have certainly been interesting. We’ve had a long wait on the side of the road, learned about the theory of a flat Earth (yes supposedly that’s still a thing), had more one sided arguments than I thought was possible due mainly to a close minded belief system and an unwillingness to listen, as well as some ridiculous stories. However, we’ve also got to see a whole bunch of neat new plants, play plenty of cards and meet 2 other really fun, very cool travelers.

I’ll try to explain a little, so after leaving Playa on the bus when we stopped on the Mexican border to cross over into Belize, the customs agents tried to then inform us that we had to pay 300 pesos each to leave the country(that’s about $30 American) which is not mentioned on any of their visa forms or on the bus information, so only having 400 pesos between us we were a little worried. We got pushed to the back of the line and told to wait, luckily another couple were a bit upset about this and knew it had been paid by their airfare ticket which made me check ours as the agents were telling Sarah-Rose that we would have to pay double when we came back into Mexico (which we weren’t planning on anyway) but then I found the tax that we had paid with our flight and I showed this and we were able to get back onto the bus.

Then arriving in Belize at around 7am, we had been told that there were no buses to where we needed to head on Sundays by our host, only to look around and find there was one leaving in a minute and we had to rush over to catch it. once on the bus, SR had gone to grab a seat and I hopped on this bus slightly ducking not to hit my head when a Belizean woman turns as I walk past and says “That’s a tall arse white boy, sit down fool” and most of the bus went dead quiet. All I could do is laugh quietly to myself partly due to the accent it was said with. and partly because everyone on the bus would of been able to hear due to her volume and were obviously hiding their mirth.

Anyway, after nearly missing our stop, we got off and walked towards a little store to borrow a local phone to call our host. After finding one person who had no credit and walking up to another store, I was able to call our host only to have no answer. So I left a message saying we were sitting by the road in front of a particular restaurant, and to please come get us.


Anyway, long story short, after waiting for just over 2 hours I went back up the road to call again this time to get through and get told he had called back about 10 mins after I called and the woman who’s phone I had borrowed had said we left to head somewhere else, but our host then came to get us 50 minutes later and we arrived to a long drive way that can’t be driven up and a big walk through the mud to realise the host used to be Amish and there is no running water or power on the farm.

IMG_1790 IMG_1829

The work on the farm is decent though we have either been weeding, which SR has loved, or planting new plants. There are 6 wonderful dogs here though (4 fully grown and 2 little puppies). They are mix of Rotweiller and Doberman and just so great.

IMG_1785 IMG_1813

However, the time spent with the host itself especially for me has been a little different. He has very one sided views of the world and kinda shuts out anyine elses opinion. However, I did start to understand him and get through to him on some points, it just takes a more patient argument. He also likes to be the centre of attention and once or twice even just started talking over other peoples conversations so that he can be involved more. He also has some theorys about the world that just blow my mind and make it hard for me to talk to him. Like the other day he told me that gravity doesn’t actually exist and it’s just things are heavier than air so they fall. This then lead to a conversation about how he believes the earth is flat and the sun is only about 2000 miles away. Apparently all the evidence and science that points to the opposite is wrong and doctored and that his calculations and that of other flat earth theorists are much more accurate, but when really pressed about it he just changes the subject or tells us how everything we know is wrong and our false maths can’t prove anything….I had to bite my tongue and just walk away after this I just couldn’t believe how he would refute anything that anyone would say to him and closed his mind completely to any conversation regarding it. I have since found out he does this with every topic of conversation he doesn’t agree with. I’m also pretty sure he makes up facts to back himself up as we have caught him in it a few times and then throws facts from 100’s of years ago at you, it can make for a very frustrating environment.

Luckily, the other workawayers here are fantastic people and we have all hit it off really well. Mike, from Manchester, is a phenomenal card player and is just super easy to talk to and quite a lot like me. Marine, originally from France, is fantastic really quick witted and funny. Shes loud and open minded able to see both sides of anything and help explain it but also opinionated about the things she believes in and will defend them with her whole core and incredibly friendly and open to helping people as well. 2 people I hope we will be able to keep in contact with and see again.


I think that will have to do for now and honestly most of this was just helping get things off my chest so I really appreciate that I have this opportunity to do it. Will try to message again soon and keep people up to date with what we are doing.

Hope your eyes got some enjoyment from this and look forward to seeing more in the future



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