Border Crossings part 2

And here is the second installment of our great adventure from Spanish lookout, Belize to Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

When we last left you our heroes had just arrived in PG and found a room for the night ready to sleep and start another days great travel in the morning let’s look in on them and see how it went.

We knew the ferry to Puerto Barrios left at 9.00 the next morning and we needed to buy tickets from them in front of the customs pier (which we had no idea where that was). So off to sleep and a nervous Matthew awoke with SR just sleeping in even though I was panicking about this ticket thing and trying to find anything online, which after much searching I did although Google Maps had no idea how to find 1 Front St in PG as supposedly it doesn’t exist but I needn’t of worried so much after kicking SR out of bed around 8 and making her rush to pack and get out because I wanted to go find this stuff and not end up having to pay more (it was already going to cost us nearly $100 USD to leave anyway) to stay longer, luckily SR had noticed a customs thing the night before and we managed to buy our tickets with enough time to go get some breakfast and then through customs in under 5 minutes and off to wait for our little ferry.


The ride across was a beutiful experience and would of been perfect if there was any padding on the seats but the land was beautiful and was honestly rainforest the entire way up to the water, we saw a little fishing boat pulling and cathing a stingray and some really lovely grass roofed houses along the beach, we arrived around 10 in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala and whisked our way through customs.


Here we met a few other travellers that were going through to Utila and jumped in a taxi Van with them to head to San Pedro Sula, and all was going well until we got to the Honduras border where the customs officer told me the agent in Belize had put the wrong year in my passport for my exit and put 10/1/15 instead of 16, which nearly held us up until a kind gentleman came over who spoke English and translated for both me and the customs agent. Then our driver left us to go into 2 new taxis which we were confused about and not sure if we had to pay again but supposedly he just shared the fare with these new drivers and they drove us for another 1.5 hours into San Pedro Sula to the bus terminal where we parted ways with the other travellers and were hoping to find some lunch but thought we better look for tickets first, turns out we arrived just in time to catch another bus to where we we heading and inside 5 minutes were on this bus to Tegucigalpa, another 5 hour bus ride later after a long traffic stop due to what looked like an avalanche but was just road works we made it to Tegucigalpa only to realise we couldn’t walk anywhere from the bus station but had no money to taxi.

Sarah-Rose came to the rescue though with her slightly broken Spanish even though I could tell she wanted to just break down and let me deal with it, I couldn’t as I understood maybe 1 word in 50 anyway eventually a taxi driver agrees to take us to a mall where I can finally email our host and a little wait later and some delicious Chicken we get picked up and go home to meet the family. They are all lovely and speak much better English then I do Spanish so that’s handy and today we are heading off to the farm to start our little adventure here in Honduras. We are the first people they have ever hosted so hopefully it will be a wonderful experience all around and a learning one for all parties.

So 2 days full of travelling and freaking out about what we are doing and spending alot more money then we thought, we are safe but rather quickly running out of money, these border fees for every country are starting to become a hassle and making me worry slightly about getting back to camp later this year.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my novel I need to try do a little better at keeping these shorter and sweeter.


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