Border Crossings


Border crossings and the end of Belize. Part 1

Our last few days in Belize were a bit more relaxed and easy to deal with on the farm, we had a goodbye party for our newest workaway friends and had another come and meet us, I got to cook a bit more which relieved some stress for me, we cracked into our first ever fresh from the tree coconut and then spent 2 days travelling with less sleep then we would of liked.

So I’ll try let you in on a few more details…

We woke Wednesday morning after I had not really enjoyed my time the first few days and I was nearly ready to ask Sarah-Rose if she would mind if we moved on early, however I was willing to stick it out partly due to our awesome new friends, we went straight to work at about 8.30am which is early for me and by all accounts far to early for miss sleepy head (especially seen as she hadn’t been sleeping so well because of bugs biting her) anyway our host had to leave early for some reason and left us mostly to our own devices, which of course meant a slower work pace and a slightly longer lunch, this coupled with a bit of down time and some card games really improved my mood, the fact that I then got a good amount of time to cook also really made me feel better (although I’ll be happy if I don’t cook squash, rice or beans for the next 2 months).

The next 2 days were spent in similar ways us working at our own pace and still getting things done instead of the 120mph our host tried to work at, although I did spend about 6 straight hours scrubbing and cleaning the kitchen and bench area down as it was disgusting, I also then somehow managed to make a squash curry on a camp stove and it almost tasted like good food, which really surprised me seen as there was nothing to cook with or add to any meal but I doubt most of you want to hear about that.

So it came to leaving day and we were packed and ready to go early SR had gone to bed about 7 the night before and finally managed some decent sleep, the host had gone out for the night but I had to stay up and wait for him so I was trying to read under kerosene lamp for about 3 hours until he got back, not easy on the eyes that, we then had a pretty long conversation about the history and movements of the Nordic and Celtic tribes and how he thought some people should go back to those tribal ways and how red Nordic history is being ignored (which it is but that’s because it’s boring and they were just farmers so it doesn’t interest many people unless they trace there own ancestery back to it). Right back on track so we left and ended up riding in the back of a ute (that’s a truck for you Northern American folk) into town, which on a dirt road with a guy driving probably a little faster then he needed to and using both sides of the road at free will can be a little scary not to mention cause for a few painful little bumps and bruises over a few of the bumps, only to find out that the first bus won’t show up until 11.30 and we will have over 2 hours to spend in a restaurant type thing called the Western Dairies, which slightly ruined our plans as we wanted to be in Belmopan (the capital) by 12 to try get an early enough bus down to catch a ferry across to Honduras. Little did we know how far we still had to travel.

Eventually we caught the bus however and 35 minutes later made it to Cayo, which is the wrong direction but the only place to catch a bus into Belmopan from, we then spent another 1.5 hours on that bus, which again we weren’t expecting as it had only taken as about 30 minutes the first time so we got to the capital about 3pm and told there was a bus down to PG (Punta Gorda) in 15 minutes so we grabbed a quick bite to eat from inside the bus station. It was a cold burger that cost us $2 BLZ or $1USD and was possibly the best burger I’ve ever eaten and then back on the bus. Now in all these buses we had been packed in like sardines but they always looked after our luggage really well and were very good and friendly about everything. Anyway we spent nearly 6 hours on this bus. So we got to PG around 8.30 at night and the bus was kind enough to drop us in front of a little inn to try find somewhere to stay, sadly they were full and off we went to look again knocking on doors and trying to find something, the 4th place we found had space and it cost us $30 USD for a room which was in all honesty much nicer then anything else we had stayed in and perfect because by this stage we were exhausted and just needed to sleep.

I’ll continue our epic adventures in a second post…



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