Volcano Boarding UPDATED

**Since writing this post, there has been volcanic activity in our area! (Nothing to worry about Granny). Read more about it here: http://www.volcanodiscovery.com/volcanoes/today.html **

Wait what? You mean like snow boarding but on a volcano? Yeah pretty much at speeds up to 95km/h or for my North American friends thats around 60mp/h.

I know what you’re thinking, you want to ride a wooden board down a mountain? You must either be crazy or have a death wish, but then again it’s the only place in the world that you can do it and the only volcano in the world that it’s even possible. I’ll explain: the volcano is called Cerro Negro, it’s more than 750 metres high and is the oldest volcano of it’s type in the world. Generally living only 40 – 50 years and having 5-6 eruptions, this one has been alive for more than 120 years and has had 23 eruptions to date, the most active and dangerous of it’s kind ever, oh and it’s still active.

So yeah once you know all that it had to be done, so at 9:00 in the morning we boarded our big orange monster of a shuttle and headed to our ash covered mountain, along the way we were stopped by a group of people moving a herd of cattle, another group with about 15 horses and 1 group shifting sticks via oxen, all in all a shuttle ride I’m not sure I’ll ever experience again.


Arriving at our volcano and seeing the view back towards the city and across to another range of mountains, was something out of a story book. We found a tree with no leaves, but flowers growing on it and then were whisked away to the base of the mountain and after a quick attempt to get people to pay for some locals to carry our boards up, we were off knowing it was going to be about an hour to the top and the heat was already effecting us.


Luckily, our guide decided to stop roughly every 15 minutes and at this first stop I told Srose that I would carry her board if she would take my bag with my protective suit and the camera and take some photos. She agreed and then promptly didn’t take any photos.

I took photos! You just haven’t uploaded them yet….

Anyways, we stopped again maybe 10 minutes later and came to a rock perched on the edge of the cliff and got this photo of Srose attempting to be funny again and me trying to forget there was a few hundred metre drop behind me.

12605451_1036410853090493_9025509979731874048_o 886304_1036410906423821_858628473779159045_o

One more stop and photo opportunity later we made it to the top and went across to one of it’s craters where if you scraped at the ground a little you could still see steam rising from it, this caused a little bit of a stir and people trying to boil water in little holes of it, which didn’t work. But then it was back to try get dressed and look down the side and realise that it was so steep over one part that we legitimately could not see the base.


This is when I started to get a bit more nervous, I realised that if I didn’t offer to go first I would probably never go so the second the offer came, I said yes and made myself ready. No one else would offer so after nearly 30 seconds of awkwardness, Srose bucked up her courage and decided to come down with me.

Group Volcano Shot 12628534_1036412266423685_7481057626503339949_o

Now the idea is the more you sit up, the slower you go. I was obviously doing something wrong because I started off far too fast and the board came out from under my arse. Eventually though, I got the hang of it and got clocked in at doing 45km/h, which with nothing around you and hurtling down a hill, seems pretty fast. Srose got clocked in at 17, and I think that might of been the fastest part of her run down. Somehow though, she avoided being slowest of the day, I’m still trying to figure that one out.

12628472_1036412459756999_7848022123257161654_o Srose Volcano Up close

All in all, an amazing experience that given the option, I would do again in a heartbeat. It’s ranked as #2 on the list of things to do before you die, behind flying a jet in Rusev for $7000 and seen as this is just $31, I think a much better option.

That’s all I got for you guys today, until next time stay safe, but not too safe.


Want to learn more about Cerro Negro? Visit



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