Nicaragua Driver Handbook and FAQs

It is important to remember while in Nicaragua, driving is a right and not a privilege. Anyone can drive. Anything can drive.

Do I have to pass driver’s education to drive a vehicle?

That is most likely unnecessary. As there are very few traffic police here, as long as you do not hit anyone, you will most likely be fine.

Sometimes I see signs like this one:6iyXR4bpT

What do they mean?

While driving, the most important thing to remember is, as long as your vehicle can fit in the space you are moving towards, continue driving. This sign is irrelevant.

If I do not have an automobile to drive on the streets, what could I use instead?

Anything that can propel you forward faster than walking pace can be used on the roads! Try a bicycle, horse, your sister’s motorbike, a school bus or an oxcart.


I have a bicycle that is missing the front half, can I still use it on the road?

Do you have a welding gun? Try attaching it to half of another bicycle, half of a grocery cart, or half of a horse for better mobility.

bicyclesAfrica  .trolley

My vehicle is missing pieces, can I still drive it on the roads?

Anything that can propel you in a [mostly] forward motion can be used on the roads. Try using half of another partially-operable vehicle, half of a motorbike, or just do without!

download (1)

My vehicle has a horn, what should I use it for?

Horns are used for emergency or important communication while driving. Use only when necessary, to avoid collision. You may tap your horn to alert another driver who may turn in front of you and cause a collision. If you see a friend of yours on the street, go ahead and say hello with your horn. If you are driving a taxi and want to notify every passing pedestrian that you are available for hire, pause in the road and tap on your horn at each person. When approaching an intersection, if you will not slow to stop, lay on your horn to show dominance and let other drivers know that they need to stop instead of you. See a hottie walking down the road? Go ahead and lay on that horn, and think of something really sexy to holler out the window at them. Anytime you may find yourself driving behind another vehicle that is going too slow for your liking, use your horn as you see fit to notify them of their unreasonable speed choice.

Sometimes my vehicle emits other high pitched sounds and chirps. What is this, and how to I use it effectively?

This sound is your vehicle’s alarm system. When parking your vehicle, set this security device to ward off burglary, or to notify you when there has been a physical disturbance with your vehicle. You may also use this device in lieu of your vehicle’s horn. See above for horn.

What do I do if my vehicle does not have an alarm system?

Your vehicle is a horse.




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