The 11 Best Things to do with Insomnia

So many nights I spend hours upon hours with my mind just refusing to shut off and my body being evaded by sleep once again. It happens at home, on the road, after a good meal, or after a long day. Many nights there is just no good explanation of why it is happening, it just is. To better organize my mind for some shut-eye, I came up with a good plan to combat the monsters of insomnia.


1. Read
Give all the ingredients of the food labels in your pantry a once-over. You have been meaning to eat healthier, plus increase your vocabulary. It’s a win-win!

2. Watch TV
We all know the best way to lull your mind into a peaceful sleep is a few hours of wondering if Flex Seal® Thick Rubber Adhesive Sealant could turn your car into a submarine or not.

3. Meditate
The cobweb in the corner has evaded your cleaning techniques for far too long and will do everything in its power to distract you from shut-eye.

4. Count
Forget counting sheep, they are a figment of your imagination. Instead, try counting the tiles of your entire bathroom as you scrub them with a toothbrush

5. Become a party favorite
The wee hours of the night is when the most random thoughts pop into your head. Go interweb that business and find out the answers. BOOM! Fun facts for daysssss.

6. Take up photography
You have always thought the long-exposure shots of the constellations were really amazing, and now you don’t need to leave your camera unattended to capture the wonders.

7. Work on your selfie game
4am happens to be the best time for judgment-free selfie perfecting! You are in bed, you hair is a mess, and you have time to fix your face for that “just woke up” look. No one has to know it is the same as the “haven’t slept a wink” look and now you have 734 shots to choose from.

8. Figure out where your cat goes at night
During the day they are in any sunbeam they can find, but at night…how did this mouse get in your shoe?

9. Perfect your make up skills
Again, a roommate-free zone is a judgment-free zone. The middle of the night when the bathroom is empty is a good time to try out the newest online fad for contouring/Jenner-lipping/zombie-ing.

10. Work on your character impersonations
While everyone sleeps is a good time to watch involuntary facial twitches and to match breathing cadence with all of your housemates/family members.

11. Write a blog– you aren’t alone



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