Home Base

Hello world! It has been a while, but I am back on the road after quite some time. Most recent adventuring came in the form of a summer camp in Ontario, Canada. While staying in one place for so long can bring some restlessness, it can be restoring and healing to find a place to feel safe and at home for a while during your adventures. This “home base” can literally be the home of someone you love, or simply a location you return to when you need a place to let your hair down a bit.

My little cabin in the woods for the summer.

Many travelers return home to work for a stretch of time, refresh the bank accounts, and then hit the road once more. Why not find a place to get the best of both of those worlds? Fellow travelers I have met work in contracts periodically. This allows you to experience a new surrounding while making it a bit of home for a while. Working in a temporary job for a few months can keep you on the road without burning through your entire travel budget too. Some of these jobs could be working for a summer camp or seasonal resort: a chateau in the Alps, resorts that specialize in skiing and snowboarding, surf camps along the beach, or summer youth camps.

Summer lake activities

I had the privilege of working for a private summer camp alongside a gorgeous lake in the Muskoka region of Ontario. 14 weeks of working with interesting people from all over the world, and very lively children.  A few of my coworkers have gone on to find temporary employment as English teachers in China and Vietnam, and sail instruction in Australia. No matter the direction or destination, just don’t stop the adventure! 🙂



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