Daily Prompt: Fish

We are going to side-step with the stories of my adventures because the writing prompt of the day for the website I blog with is fish. Now, this is not going to be some riveting or deep story, but more of an observed amusement during my travels. So it fits nicely with both my travel blog for my family and friends, and my writing community!

While moving about Asia, little things stand out to me as I take in my surroundings, watch the people of these new lands and notice the niceties I might not notice in a place where I felt more comfortable. Things like fish.

A garden pond with carp and koi at the Jim Thompson House. Bangkok, Thailand

I have always enjoyed taking in the flowers, plants and birds as I go for a walk, visit a new park, or take my camera out for a stroll. But recently, to my amusement, I have begun to notice the fish. Whether it is a new chapter of observation for my eye, or it really is a more prominent decorating choice, Asia seems to love their fish!

At the world’s only panda research facility and sanctuary, and people still stop to admire and enjoy the fish… while there are pandas around! Chengdu, China.

Who doesn’t love a peaceful koi pond in the park, or finding a fish tank in an unexpected location? But the bathroom… really?

This definitely caught me by surprise. So yes, I took my camera out in the bathroom again. Chengdu, China.

Many people gather to come see the fish and feed them at local park as well. I really love this about the people I have been encountering on my journey: something so simple, something here for them to enjoy every day if they choose, and they can still find enjoyment in simply coming to feed the fish at the park.

A loving moment between a mother and her son feeding the fish together.

My favorite fish moment so far has to been snorkelling with them off the coast of Ko Phi Phi Ialsand in Thailand. Unfortunately for all of you, my camera is not a water camera. So those “pictures” will remain in my head I guess. 🙂

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