Sarah-Rose’s List of Firsts- Thailand Edition

So I haven’t been doing this for every country I have been to, but I am going to try to start! So often I get wrapped up in an interesting aspect of my trip, the unexpected, and the photos. But I wrote a list of firsts during my time in Belize, and want to continue. I see this as a great way to summarize some of my exciting and notable experiences during my time in each country.

So my list of firsts for Thailand goes:

Watching a live fight
We found this exciting little bar on Ko Phi Phi Island with a reggae theme and muay thai fights every night. We even convinced some new acquaintances to jump into the rink!

Drinking from a bucket
Drinks on Ko Phi Phi Island were mostly served in buckets. Not the utility, 5-gallon type, but a silly 1 liter kind that tourists seemed to love.

Exploring a country with zero concept of the language
Not my first time in a foreign country, but every other adventure of mine thus far has been in English-speaking countries or in a location that speaks Spanish or a language in the romance family. I can usually take pretty good guesses when it comes to things like street signs and menus, but not written in Thai!

This sign isn’t in Thai, I just wanted to laugh and share the specification of “no sex” at this massage parlor.

Getting a bamboo tattoo!
Not something Granny is too pleased with, but I am quite excited about having a “real” and “traditional” tattoo from my time here. I was surprised at how little it hurt to what I had expected from a man repeatedly jabbing a stick into my skin manually.

Trying dragon fruit
I always thought this was such an exotic and glamorous looking fruit when I saw it in the grocery store (however rarely). But it was usually too expensive to go out on an experiment back home. Trying fruits in a region or climate which may grow said fruit will always get you the most authentic and wonderful flavors (I will never have a banana as delicious as the one I tried in Costa Rica, ripened to splitting in its peel). But this dragon fruit was honestly underwhelming. Kind of a cross between a kiwi and a pear I guess… maybe I will try another just to be sure before I trash them.

Meeting an Old English Sheepdog
He wouldn’t sit still long enough to get a good selfie, but this cutie was SO friendly! He was our host as a hostel in Krabi, and we were in love instantly.

Using a non-western toilet
This was quite the experience. Read more about it if you like!

Taking a boat commute
I had a great time travelling around Bangkok with its various transportation methods. My first time using a boat in a subway-type fashion was fun and interesting! Read more here 🙂

Memorial Bridge

Seeing an aggressive carnivorous fish in real life
During my tour to the Jim Thompson house in Bangkok, our tour included a walk around the gorgeous garden. When asked why there was a large planter with no plants, but only a solitary fish, the tour guide told us the fish “didn’t get along with anything or anyone else”. This was then aggravated by a fellow tourist as he stuck his finger in the planter, swishing the surface of the water around. This fish struck at him repeatedly! I had never seen anything like it, only heard stories of the vicious fish I thought I would never have the chance of meeting.

Stay tuned for my Firsts of China! 🙂


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