Gardens by the Bay

The Garden

Singapore was a dream come true. Especially my dream of going somewhere green, warm and clean. My visit came at the perfect time and was everything I needed and wanted it to be. Namely: Gardens by the Bay.


I will go ahead and admit that I found this gem of a city on Instagram. Just cruising along random travel pictures from various strangers around the world, when a photo of the most remarkable structures of foliage and flowers comes onto my phone screen. Thank the Lord for location tags, I was able to find this magical land of “Singapore” and decide right then and there to add it to my List. I have had this saved in my Google Maps ever since.

While In Thailand, I had the chance to take my travels south, so south I went! Gardens here I come! The park is free for anyone visiting to walk around, and would be easy for any plant-lover to spend and entire day exploring the sprawling grounds before even venturing into the conservatory domes. With views of the Marina Bay sands and the Singapore Flyer, this location also makes for some pretty spectacularly tourist-y photo opportunities.

At night, the grove of Super Trees comes alive with a musical light show for visitors to enjoy. I happened to be visiting during a Broadway themed evening, and enjoy it I did! I do not think there could have been a better selection of songs for my time here. The largest Super Tree in the park actually has a restaurant at the top in which visitors can dine. I opted for the obscenely drinks on top of the Marina Bay Sands as opposed to the overpriced drinks here, but I am sure a trip to the top of the trees is a wonderful time.


Inside the Domes

There are two conservatories at the Gardens you can visit. This not part of the free garden, but I would suggest this as a “must” for part of any visit. Again, I am a huge fan of gardens, plants, flowers and photographing all of the above, so I could spend a week just in these conservatories. Normal people could visit for an hour or so and still suggest them to others.


The Flower Dome features flowers! Bet you would never guess, right? Inside the dome is arranged by regions and actually keeps many species of plants only found is specific regions of the planet. I found baoba trees, monkey plants and other greenery I have only ever seen in pictures. Being from California, I am pretty fortunate to be able to grow and see a wide variety of flora, both native and introduced.

The Cloud Forest is a misty, magical land of plants and greenery. When you first walk in, you are greeted by a towering waterfall and 35-meter tall indoor mountain. A walkway takes you up and around the structure covered in plants that thrive at different altitudes. Inside the mountain are educational displays and installations featuring information on sustainability and geological formations. The Cloud Forest would be a wonderful trip for both kids and adults.

While my camera died mid-Flower Dome, I have no pictures to show for the Cloud Forest. Rest assured, I will be back to this place. Maybe next time for Christmas Wonderland 🙂


Keep the adventure alive friends!
xox SR


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