Solo Travel, Self Love

Solo travel is not for the faint of heart, but it will bring a richness to your life unlike any other.


When first deciding to travel solo, I was alone on a hostel bunk bed in Bangkok at midnight. Funny place to make seemingly big life decisions. I had been researching online for a few hours, on and off the phone with my mother and best friend, and getting a few tears in as well. Don’t make fun, as liberating as solo travel can be, it was a big step from the travelling with friends I had been doing. Plus, I was scared.

The whole idea to take yourself out of your comfort zone on purpose, while completely alone can be quite terrifying actually. I had someone tell me once that being alone is not actually alone, because you are keeping yourself company. So when I was preparing to leave my friends to pursue my own goals and travel wishes, I was also pursuing time with myself. This is not something I have always been very good at. I typically choose to fill my time with the noise, company and chaos that is lots of friends and endless commitments. But as I have been growing towards someone that can find peace in the quiet and solace in my own head, I realized that the next step in this journey would be to really step out into the world with only me, myself and I.

Before you let this take your imagination into all the multiple personalities you think I am hinting at, I am simply suggesting that a little self-love and spending quality time with yourself is just as important of an investment as spending quality time with those you love. You love yourself, don’t you? Well show it! My self love came in the form of saying yes to taking myself to a city I’ve wanted to see for a long time. It was everything I wanted it to be and even more than I needed it to be.


I myself have not been at the solo travel thing long enough to be any type of expert in this area, but will encourage you to explore and find your own travel style through a solo adventure.

Is there some place you have always wanted to see, but you keep waiting for a buddy? Where would your self-love trip take you?


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